Pomegranate Wine - Rodinos

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Wine from 100% Greek natural pomegranate juice. An ancient tradition from Mediterranean and Caucasus, enjoyed since centuries every day in Armenia, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel and many more places.
Aromatic characteristics: Clear, shiny, attractive grayscale color. Intense aromatic bouquet of pomegranate that balances between black and red fruits. Tasty features: Intense pomegranate, moderate acidity that balances between gentle and pleasant sweetness, dry with moderate body with gentle tannins. Rich and well-structured, balanced and velvety pomegranate aftertaste. Harmony of Flavors: It is a tempting proposition as a refreshing drink in itself, winter to summer. It accompanies fresh fruits such as green grapes, melon, apple, pear, citrus, dried fruits such as plums, apricots, figs and desserts. It also comes with medium-bodied cool dishes such as green salads, cheeses or full-bodied cheeses such as pork with plums or bilberries and turkey with chestnuts. It is best served at 12 degrees
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