Plum wine 11.50%

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Type:            Semi-Sweet Rose
Variety:         Plum
Winery:        Quality Fruit Wines
Alcohol:       11.50%
Volume:       500ml
Maturation: 1 year in oak barrels
Aging: Can be aged for 5-8 years

This amazing fruit wine is the result of fermentation of pure plum juice according to a system patented by Dr. Daniel Aprikian. Manufactured with the best plums from Greece!

Tasting Notes:
Bright rose, with sweet aromas of fig, melon and plum. Rich taste with the right structure and body, spicy but also perfectly balanced between high acidity and a pleasant sweet plum aftertaste.

Harmony of Tastes:
It is a tempting proposal as a refreshing for any summer. It accompanies excellent dishes with fresh and dried fruits, salads, cheese and fruit desserts. Serving temperature: 12 degrees.

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