La Valle Tomato Sauce, cherry and mini plum 330g

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This sauce is made with plum & cherry tomatoes grown on the fertile volcanic soil of Sicily and hand-harvested at dawn, in order to be processed only few hours after, preserving all fragrance and taste. With the sole addition of extra virgin olive oil, basil and salt, it is ready to dress your pasta. However, if you wish to add your personal touch, you can use it together with aubergines, capsicum, olives or the meat of your choice.
What is the difference between cherry tomato & plum tomato? Plum tomatoes, also known as Roma or paste tomatoes, are oval-shaped and small. They also have a lower water content compared to other types of tomatoes, with an almost chewy flesh — which makes them particularly suited to sauces. Cherry tomatoes are the small, round guys with thin skins that squirt juice everywhere when you bite into them. They’re super sweet and have a high water content,
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